Why Choose Marble Countertops in Ottawa

Marble countertops in Ottawa make a great upgrade to any room. A bathroom remodel with a marble countertop becomes an incredibly beautiful focal point of the room; meanwhile a marble countertop in the kitchen can make the room feel more warm, friendly and elegant. Marble is certainly one of the most status evident surface materials you can use in your home, with roots dating back to the Roman Empire. This elite product screams affluence, culture and appreciation for the finer things in life.
What is Marble?
Marble countertops are a metamorphic rock from limestone that contains mostly carbon material. The mining process cuts them into large rocks, which can then be cut into slabs that are the right size for countertops. Marble generally comes in a variety of colours, designs, and patterns. Some of the most common colours include whites, grays, blacks, yellows, pinks and greens. There are other colours of marble as well, but they generally are a little bit more rare. When you shop for a countertop, you will need to have an idea in mind of what you want in order to narrow down your selection a little bit. Some slabs may be very solid, others may show deep beautiful veining, and others may just be flecked with other minerals.
Kitchen and bathroom marble countertops offer many great benefits to the owner. The first major advantage of marble is the beauty they provide. Anyone who looks at marble is generally instantly in awe of the beauty that nature created. The sophistication of marble countertops speaks to the owner's affluence and integrity. Another benefit is the size of marble slabs generally allow you to purchase an entire piece that can cover your countertop space, avoiding unsightly cut marks. Third, marble is a natural stone product and like similar stones, it is incredible durable. With proper care and regular application of sealant, a marble countertop can last for decades.
Marble countertops come with two weaknesses that should be known for potential buyers. First, marble is a porous stone, which means that it needs to be sealed to keep liquids from penetrating and staining the surface. Second, marble and many countertop materials are susceptible to staining from acidic liquids such as lemon juice or alkalinized liquids like vinegar. In either case, sealing will not fully protect and cleaning them up quickly will.
If you are considering a marble countertop, you are well on your way to having a stunning, elegant and beautiful kitchen or bathroom that people will be in awe of. Even in limited application, such as using a marble countertop as an accent piece, will significantly improve the room. There are many benefits to marble, and only a couple weaknesses to consider. Your next step is to speak to an expert supplier of marble slabs to further discuss and explore your options.